Opportunities to learn about healthy lifestyle choices through programs, seminars, and other educational
resources are offered by the Student Recreation Center, Employee Services/Training & Development and
School of Public Health

Ergonomics is a service the University provides to all its employees. The goal of Ergonomics is to design the workplace to accommodate the worker, in order to prevent and / or alleviate possible discomfort experienced at work.
UNC Human Resources training and development opportunities.

How fit are you?  This website enables you to  fill out a fitness assessment about yourself 
including your eating habits and feelings towards physical activity.  
Calculate your BMI (body mass index). Get answers to questions about body shape. 
Calculate calorie intake and how many calories you should be burning.

Fitness & Exercise, General

      American College of Sports Medicine: Health and Fitness Information

      Healthier US: Physical fitness and weight management

      American Heart Association: exercise log

      American Council on Exercise: Fit Facts

Energy Output & Burning Calories Weight Loss: Calorie Counter,2540,s1-2116,00.html  

      America on the Move

Weight Management

      National Institute of Health: Choosing a safe and successful weight loss program

      American Dietetic Association 

      American Heart Association: Diet and Nutrition  

Fitness Certifications

      American College of Sports Medicine

      American Council on Exercise

      American Fitness Professionals & Associates

      Aerobic and Fitness Association of America

      National Strength & Conditioning Association

Fitness Presentations

       Maximize Efficiency
 [download with Microsoft PowerPoint]

       Beginning an Exercise Program
 [download with Microsoft PowerPoint]

       Weight Training 101
 [download with Microsoft PowerPoint]

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